Sometime it is difficult to make a decision

Get public opinion with a simple poll. Share with friends or embed on your site or DO NOTHING. Our auto recommend system will keep sharing your poll to thousands of users. If this is not cool enough try our poll creator - we bet it's the best!
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Just a simple poll like this can help you plan your next vacation
Or, when you need a fully tailored poll to collect customers' opinion
Be a critical analysis of sports or politics, all are possible with NetPoll
You can create a poll just to collect information about something new
You could be someone who needs mass opinion
a developer who needs to save time and efforts
Or, a businessman who needs customers' insight
NetPoll is business-oriented, developer-friendly & extremely easy-to-use solution. Check these market leading features.
Simple yet Powerful
NetPoll is so simple that anyone can create a poll. Play with the poll creator & give your poll a unique look. Our poll editor is equally powerful - it gives all the options you can think of. Change the style or status whenever you feel.
Auto Recommend
Our unique system recommends polls to anonymous users according to their previous actions. As soon as you create a poll, we start recommending it to other users providing the poll is Active, Published and in Public Category.
Embed like Charm
We tried to solve the agony of creating a poll system. Let us handle it for you. With NetPoll you can create polls matching your website. After that just copy the embed code from the dashboard and paste wherever you want it.
Cover and Backlink
Yes NetPoll is for businesses too. Your polls can have a predefined cover image on it. And this cover will have a backlink to your desired website. NetPoll not only provides a poll system but also helps to increase visitors on your website.
Anonymity of Users
We do not keep any information of the voters. NetPoll respects the anonymity of the voters. We do not collect and store any personally identifying information when you submit your vote. No information - No mail - No marketing.
Protectd with TLS 1.2
Lastly, your data is encrypted using a modern cipher suite - Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2). This provides much stronger encryption when compared to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Be 100% sure about the protection of your data.
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