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Simply Powerful

Our app-like UI gives you more control in a very intuitive way. Play with the poll creator to give your poll a unique look. The poll editor is equally powerful to give you even more control over style and status.

Auto Recommend

Our system smartly recommends polls to visitors to get few extra votes for you. As soon as you create a public poll, the system starts to recommend it. Auto recommend system can get around 17% extra votes.

Smart Embed

We solved the agony of responsive embedding. Just style the poll to match your website. Now copy the embed code from the dashboard and paste it wherever you want it. We will take care of the rest.


We respect the anonymity of the voters. We never collect or store any personal information of the visitors when they submit their votes or visit the site. No information - No tracking - No marketing.

Stay Protectd

Everything on our site is protected with encryption. Transport Layer Security provides much stronger encryption when compared to aged Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Your data is 100% secured with us.

Lightning Fast

We followed all industry standards to provide you with a super-fast website with an awesome experience. Even after you embed more than 10 polls on a single page, it loads as fast as before.

Custom Styles

From the beginning, we tried to blend your creativity with our technicality. The poll creator is equipped with limitless SVG backgrounds and fonts; so that you can give each of your polls a unique look.

Free Forever

You like it free, we like it free, everybody likes it free. So, NetPoll is free. We are your cheerful companion who chose to be with you without any condition. We like to walk alongside like your best buddy.

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