Who is the most handsome bollywood actor?
Votes: 2 Movie
Which shapes do you like? Vote for as many as you like 👍🏻
Votes: 5 Art
What is your take on Nirsal Bank U-TURN from Covid19 TCF Loan cash disbursement to items. If you are in support of this U-turn click YES, but if you are against it click NO.
Votes: 29 Organizations
which is your favourite subject?
Votes: 5 Fun
Which Covid-19 vaccine have you taken?
Votes: 8 Science
Do you like big boss 5 or ipl
Votes: 8 Entertainment
Which is a convenient vehicle to travel?
Votes: 3 Society
What kind of doctor should we see for common ailments?
Votes: 4 Health
Although we know society goes through extremistan , do you think it should go through Mediocristan?
Votes: 2 People
Do you love 'Old Monk'?
Votes: 19 Fun
What is your favourite meal of the day?
Votes: 7 Food
Who will win 2022 Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election? #UPelection2022
Votes: 27 Politics
Best IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)
Votes: 5 Education
Which Lamborghini Aventador is fake?
Votes: 5 Technology
If you love high heels, what is your favourite heel size? 👠
Votes: 8 Society
Range anxiety is one of the major barriers to large-scale adoption of electric vehicles. To comfortably replace your petrol powered two-wheeler, at least how much range would you expect from an electric one on a single charge?
Votes: 18 Technology
Who will be the champion of ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021? 🏆
Votes: 9 Sports
Do you believe in aliens?
Votes: 7 Science
which part of fried chicken you prefer the most? 🍗
Votes: 10 Food
Do you think body-shaming is okay inside your close friend circle?
Votes: 10 Society
Rookie of the season
Votes: 3 Sports
Which one is 'Two Zero Two One'?
Votes: 13 Mathematics
OLA electric scooter - Which colour do you like most?
Votes: 21 Technology
your Lucky Number
Votes: 9 Art
How long do you hold onto your smartphone before upgrading?
Votes: 138 Technology
What is your reaction about soaring fuel (petrol, diesel, gas) prices in India? ⛽
Votes: 12 Economy
Which of the seven deadly sins do you think is the worst?
Votes: 11 Philosophy
Do you sign the backside of your credit / debit card?
Votes: 16 Technology
If you were an octopus, how would you wear your socks? 🐙
Votes: 192 Philosophy
How would you feel if your friend names their child after you?
Votes: 9 People
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