Hello! My name is Mayukh Bari - an indie developer from India. I created NetPoll and managing it since 2019. NetPoll is the first indigenous poll platform from India. It provides robust user experience, intuitive UI, flawless embedding and the most accurate result for your polls.

Mobile First

As more than 90% of users surf web from their mobile phones, it is obvious that NetPoll takes mobile first approach pretty seriously. The website is slick like a modern app. Users can also install a PWA (Progressive Web App) on their device to run NetPoll just like an app.

Click [ Add to Homescreen ] button from mobile menu

Auto Recommend

In July 2019 a new feature is introduced in NetPoll. This feature can serve unattended public polls to visitors with a click of a button. Even older polls are not neglected anymore. Users can vote on those polls without even searching for them. As per the statistics 'Auto Recommend' can get around 17% extra votes.

Flawless Embedding

In the era of dynamism, fluidity is a necessity. Embedding is an important feature of online poll system. NetPoll yet again rediscover the dynamism while embedding polls. Forget about adjusting 'height' and 'width' of each of the embedded polls manually. NetPoll can smartly take care of the responsiveness of embedded polls.

Free Forever

This is surely the biggest advantage of one-man team. The running cost of your favourite poll platform is very low. Only with one small advertisement on polls, NetPoll can easily survive. We all like it free. So, NetPoll is free. No second thought on that.

In the span of last three years I updated NetPoll with many new features. Few were cosmetic, few were technical - but all are tiny steps towards elegance and perfection. To know more check the Release Notes

There are many things to write about NetPoll but I believe first hand experience is much better than reading this story. Why don't you create a poll and find out more about it.


NetPoll is hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) for the best performance and scalability.

Server : Apache on Fedora

Database : MySQL

Server-side Scripting : PHP

Client-side Scripting : Vanilla JS

Frontend : Native CSS Framework

Icons : Free icons from Font Awesome & Flaticon

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