About us

Hello! My name is Mayukh Bari and I am managing NetPoll since 2019. Initially the idea was to make an anonymous poll system which is simple and at the same time fun to use. So I started my research and found out that many have already developed amazingly powerful solutions. After digging deeper I noticed that they all have few things in common - Uniformity, Rigidity & Pricey

Abolish Uniformity

They all look same! Uniformity takes away personality in the name of simplicity. Polls don't have to be serious and boring. So I tried to give more visual customization to users without taking away simplicity. The polls made with NetPoll are colourful, cheerful and in sync with the creator.

Tackle Rigidity

In the era of dynamism, fluidity is a necessity. Embedding is an important feature of online poll system. NetPoll yet again rediscover the dynamism while embedding polls. Forget about adjusting 'height' and 'width' of each of the embedded polls manually. NetPoll can smartly take care of the responsiveness of embedded polls.

Priceless Ethics

Charging users just to unlock already existing features is a bogus business model. Only with a small ad on polls, NetPoll can easily survive. We all like it free. So, NetPoll is free. No second thought on that.

*Auto Recommend

In July 2019 a new feature is introduced in NetPoll. This feature can serve unvoted polls to users with click of a button. Even older polls are not neglected anymore. Users can vote on those polls without even searching for them. Auto recommend system can get around 17% extra votes.

In the span of last two years I updated NetPoll with many new features. Few were cosmetic, few were technical - but all are tiny steps towards elegance and perfection. To know more check the Release Notes

There are many things to write about NetPoll but I believe first hand experience is much better than reading this story. Why don't you make a poll and find out more about it

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