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Chat with us effortlessly from 'Contact' page with integreted Facebook messanger

12-May-2021   •   important
Now you can set a deadline for your poll from 'Poll Editor'. Go to 'STATUS' section and set 'End date'. By default 'End date' is set EMPTY for infinite deadline

QR code is available while sharing a poll from 'Dashboard' page. Go to 'Dashboard' page and tap the 'Share' button on any poll

More convenient 'Next Poll' floating button is now added on polls for easy navigation to next 'Auto Recommended' poll. Just open any poll to check it

28-April-2021   •   important
All colors now support Alpha channel with new update from jscolor. Now colors are in #RRGGBBAA format

'Share' button is added for each poll in 'Dashboard' page. Now you can easily share polls directly from 'Dashboard' page

5-May-2020   •   important
Now you can add / modify an image header via url on your poll. Check the IMAGE section in both 'Poll Creator' and 'Poll Editor' page

'Result' button is added for each poll in 'Dashboard' page. Now you can easily check detailed votes for each poll from 'Dashboard' page

27-April-2020   •   important
Author's Name is now displayed on polls by default. You can toggle it off from 'poll Editor' STATUS section

24-April-2020   •   important
Poll creator is updated. 8 new fonts are added - total 20 fonts

23-April-2020   •   important
Poll creator is updated. 38 new svg backgrounds are added - total 50 backgrounds

21-April-2020   •   important
'Embed' button is added for each poll in 'Dashboard' page. Embedding is much easier now with very less amount of code. Embedded polls are fully responsive.

10-April-2020   •   important
Poll creator is updated. Now we use jscolor for selection of all colors. Now colors are in #RRGGBB format

2-April-2020   •   important
Added facebook comment plugin on poll. You can toggle it off from 'Poll Editor' STATUS section. By default comments are ON

Bootstrap is gone now. We are shifted to our inhouse css and javascript framework - makes NetPoll much better and faster

13-March-2020   •   important
Policy is updated with details regarding 'Poll Policy'. Check HERE

Our official infinity logo is introduced and we are very excited to get it before Christmas

6-December-2019   •   important
Poll creator is updated. Now it got 12 new svg backgrounds. We also added 6 new fonts - total 12 fonts

Official Facebook page is created. Visit HERE

16-September-2019   •   important
Policy page is created. This explains everything about our service you must know. Visit HERE

Total overall look of the site is updated. This one is much modern and slicker. Green is what we need for refreshment

A premium version is introduced at a very cheap price - $5 monthly and $54 yearly. Paypal payment is added

13-July-2019   •   important
'Auto Recommend' feature is created. Now we can keep suggesting polls after you vote one. Just tap 'Next Poll' button and you will get an interesting new poll

22-June-2019   •   important
Introduced CATEGORY section in both 'Poll Creator' and 'Poll Editor' for classifying polls. By default it is 'Private' but any time you can switch to any 'Public' categories

2-June-2019   •   important
'Dashboard' page is revamped with multiple new options. Now you can easily SHARE your polls or check STATUS of those

15-May-2019   •   important
'Poll Editor' is introduced. Now you can easily toggle STATUS or change styles

12-May-2019   •   important
Released a basic version of our website / web-app for public. 'Poll Creator' got only 6 fonts, nothing else

First poll was created and it was taking votes successfully. You guessed right - there was no website at that time

We can make a better web service to make, share and embed online polls more conveniently. So registered a domain https://netpoll.in/

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